At Branov Design, we specialize in setting new standards for urban style.

We're passionate about fusing classic silhouettes with contemporary details to create built forms and interior designs that last the test of time. Our work seamlessly combines raw earthy elements with a modern aesthetic for a wide range of commercial, residential, multi-dwelling, and low-density housing projects.

Our light-filled designs aim to evoke an emotional connection, producing structures that are more than the sum total of their parts. They focus on clean, uncluttered lines and elegant simplicity, complemented by the warmth and intimacy of natural elements such as timber, stone, and steel.

We believe in crafting thoughtful environments as imaginative as they are visually enthralling. Since 1995, Michael Branov has headed a design studio based on progressive thinking, design applications, and techniques without ever losing sight of construction realities and costs to our clients. He brings a wealth of construction knowledge to the studio coupled with finely attuned design values, facilitated by the use of innovative technologies and ideas.

The result is an ideal balance between art and practicality. Clever, accomplished, and enthusiastic, our team brings a rich design culture to all that we do, dedicated to collaboratively achieving your vision. We pride ourselves on working closely with you to create the places you'll want to return to for years to come.